Solovair are made in Northamptonshire the home of British shoe making and has its roots firmly placed in high-quality footwear that are British made using the best of Euorpean leather and materals.

The company began in the late 19th century as a co-op of shoemakers, where they made many of their shoes under license, for such well know brands such as Dr. Martens.

Solovair (Sole-of-air)  since the 1980s, have made shoes under licence for Dr Martens using their own brand name and have flourished ever since.

Solovair are made in England and are considered by some to be the Real deal for Quality and wear.

The beauty, when buying Solovair boots that are Made in England is when your soles have worn out they can be repaired by our local shoe expert here in Galway city using only original Solovair soles bring them back to new again.